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Sepehr Khanbabaei

Sepehr Khanbabaei,Vice President

Sepehr Khanbabaei has spent the last five years in several real estate industries, including multi-family development, short-term housing, and syndications. Sepehr has a plethora of knowledge in funding, development, and managing multi-family real estate and short-term corporate housing.

Sepehr graduated high school and immediately found a mentor who guided him through the development of several multi-family buildings in the broader Los Angeles area. He then found another mentor who put him in a management position overseeing 20+ short-term housing units. He also assisted in the expansion of short-term units nationally, spanning six different markets.

Growing up around an entrepreneurial family, Sepehr has been accustomed to discussing different investments and business ventures with family members. In his free time, Sepehr likes to play golf, hike, and read.