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Delaware Statutory Trusts

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A Delaware Statutory Trust represents an investment structure which is similar to a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) however if differs because it qualifies for deferred gain treatment for Exchangers pursuant to Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. DSTs have become very popular with Exchangers who are struggling to identify replacement proeprty within 45 days because they are readily available and they represent a management free method for completing your exchange and transitioning into monthly cash flow, tax benefits, and equity growth while being professionally managed for you.

DSTs can represent an excellent Replacement Property alternative for your 1031 exchange. The 45-day identification period moves very quickly and often creates needless stress. Fyntex has investment and real estate Partners with whom we can put you in touch. These are professionals who monitor all available proeprties on a daily basis. This means that at any time you can have access to a fully-vetted, investment grade real estate alternative.

One of the greatest benefits of selecting a Delaware Statutory Trust as a 1031 Replacement Property is being able to select the exact undivided interest which meets the financial requirements of your exchange. You determine how much you want to invest as well as how much debt you want the DST sponsor to assign to you.