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Let us assist you in crafting the optimal long term solution which
includes cash flow, equity growth, and tax benefits.

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Fully Vetted Opportunities

Delaware Statutory Trust Investments

While DSTs are available through others, come learn what makes Perch Wealth different.
We research each Sponsor's offering and prepare a suitability and risk analysis for you at no charge.

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Expert Advice, Integrated Processing

1031 Exchange Solutions

We understand the 1031 exchange process like no other firm. We've integrated State of the Art advisory and processing services into the Perch solution which includes discounted fees, and the ability to track and monitor your exchange 24/7.

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Unique Expertise

100 +

Years Experience
Investment Real Estate Solutions

Real Estate Solutions
for High Net Worth Investors

Perch Wealth offers an unparalleled opportunity for select investors to build diversification into their portfolio while adding optionality to their lifestyle.

By connecting you with real estate opportunities previously only available to the 1%, our solutions are intended to help defer taxes, preserve your wealth, and support you throughout retirement.

DSTs and TICs

Private REITs

Interval Funds
A Fresh and Informed Approach

Our Services


Cash Investments

We provide fast access to the leading funds for both Accredited and Non-Accredited investors.

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DST Investments

Management free monthly cash flow from investment grade properties for Accredited Investors.

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1031 Exchanges

Expert advice and State of the Art 1031 processing. Discounted exchange fees through Perch Wealth.

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Foreign Solutions

Perch Wealth assists foreign investors with new real estate or fund investments in the US.

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The Perch Advantage

Much of what sets Perch Wealth apart from our contemporaries is our approach to both our clients as well as their portfolios. We prefer an integrated view to the investment and wealth building process, which often means we organize our efforts looking for long term viability and a legacy portfolio which can be transferred from one generation to the next.

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Multi Family DST
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Student Housing DST
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Luxury Retail DST
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Healthcare DST
Funds and Opportunities for Accreditted and Non Acreditted Investors

Cash Investments

Accredited Funds

Non-Accredited Funds

Interval Funds

Fund Alternatives

Many of our cash management solutions involve interval funds. Given the uncertainty in the financial markets over the last several years, investors have become more strategic about their investment allocations and asset strategies. They still want their investments to provide attractive returns, but they also want them to be less correlated to equity markets and, as a result, more diversified.

An interval fund offers the average investor a unique opportunity to enter the alternative investment market through an SEC-registered product. Much like a typical mutual fund, investor assets are pooled into an investment portfolio and managed by an investment management firm.

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1031 Exchange Solutions

DSTs, Net Leased Properties, Opportunity Zones, and Expert Processing

1031 Exchanging into a DST

Expert 1031 Planning

Let our team of experts assist in your 1031 planning at no expense to you.

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DST Investments

We fully vet all DST sponsor offerings to reduce risk for your benefit.

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Net Leased Properties

Avaiable interests in Walgreens, Dollar General and more start at $50,000.

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1031 Facilitation

We've integrated state of the art 1031 processing from Fyntex at a discount.

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The Team Behind the Perch Wealth Approach

A Word From Perch Wealth Leadership

In serving as your financial professional, we’ve committed Perch Wealth to identifying elite real estate opportunities that represent the best fit for your unique circumstances. Our role is to serve as a guide through the entire process by walking you through your options, implementing your strategy, and overseeing your trajectory through an ongoing partnership.


What Are People Saying?

"Thanks so much for making my Delaware Statutory Trust purchase a pleasant experience. I was quickly running out of days left in my ID period when I wa referred to you. You made it all painless! Thanks again."

Michelle S. Perch Wealth client

"Thank you for such a seamless 1031 exchange experience. I thought my sale represented some complicated 1031 issues, but your team handled everything flawlessly and transitioned me into the ideal replacement property."

Mark T. Perch Wealth client

"While I had done a few exchanges in the past, I must say that I was impressed with the entire Perch Wealth approach! It included great advice, fast documents, and I loved tracking it all with the secure client portal."

Ken U. Perch Wealth client

"Thanks for taking the time to walk me through the diversification of my portfolio. I feel so much better knowing that my investments are now properly structured and designed to create long term cash flow for my family. Thanks again!"

Peter J. Perch Wealth client
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