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What Are People Saying?

"Every person I spoke to was knowledgeable, a good communicator, not pushy, and had a can do attitude in dealing with issues that came up."
Marylee K, WA
Perch Wealth client
" Benjamin Carmona and his team provided a great service to me. They were extremely responsive and knowledgeable. In addition, they were able to get me a position in a highly sought after DST that quickly became fully subscribed."
Richard B., CA
Perch Wealth client
" I wanted to learn more about the amortization of the DST loan fees, but I could not get an answer from my DST sponsor, my DST broker, or my CPA. I found an article online about DST taxation entitled "How DST Sponsors Report Taxes at Year-End” written by Mr. Ehud Gersten. so I proceeded to call Perch Wealth to see if I could possibly get in contact with him. Much to my surprise, he returned my call even though I am not currently a customer of Perch Wealth.

Mr. Gersten graciously agreed to assist me with my amortization of DST fees question.  He stated that he could not provide specific tax advice on the issue, but he did go out of his way to suggest a CPA who was savvy about real estate investments.  (My CPA was not.)  Not only did he provide the name, he sent an email introducing me to the CPA, and requesting his assistance.  The CPA quickly solved my issue.

I just want to say how very appreciative I am of Mr. Gersten's help and for the guidance that he provided to me, especially with my not being a client of his company.  He said that he is committed to helping and providing guidance to investors with their real estate investments.  To go to this extent to help a total stranger with his real estate questions was truly exemplary.  Thank you very much Mr. Gersten. my experience certainly suggests that real estate investors wanting work with a company where people are truly caring and helpful should consider Perch Wealth. "
Gary R., CA
Perch Wealth client
Alternative Investment Advisor for 1031 exchanges and DSTs
"A few months ago, I was a complete novice to the world of accredited investing. While searching the internet and getting bombarded with marketing materials from pushy advising firms, I thankfully came across Perch Wealth and met Doug Zator. As easy-going as he is knowledgeable of the industry, Doug taught me all about Delaware Statutory Trusts and the 1031 exchange, the different sponsors and their defining characteristics, the various asset classes and which make the most sense for the current economy and my circumstances, and even how to navigate a Private Placement Memorandum. He was happy to meet as many times as I needed to learn the process and make decisions I was comfortable with, and he and the Perch Wealth team made the actual exchange incredibly simple for me. I am now a confident investor in multiple DSTs that are generating trouble-free income. The road getting here was enriching, easy and fun - thanks to Doug and the Perch Wealth team. I look forward to working with them again! "
Rose J, IL
Perch Wealth client
"A+ excellent service! Ben Carmona and his team are professional, personable, a pleasure to do business with. Ben's particular strength is in analyzing, evaluating, making recommendations for or against the investment opportunities. His explanations are clear, well researched and thought out, well communicated. The process is collaborative. You can't go wrong with Ben and his team at Perch."
Marcia S, NJ
Perch Wealth client
"Perch has been excellent in making proposals for DST investments and in listening and adjusting to my feedback on them. Their patience has been great as I have modified my own criteria as I have read their documents and proposals. The Perch team has been superb in making the paperwork easy."
Lou W, MA
Perch Wealth client
How to Report a 1031 Exchange on Your Tax Return
"My Wife and I Recently made two investments with Perch Wealth. We were very impressed with the Perch team; They where able to find what we were looking for and facilitate the transactions and where very prompt in responding to emails and returning phone calls. I would highly recommend the Perch Wealth team for your investments."
Dennis F, AZ
Perch Wealth client
"Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out investing in DSTs, you will find the team at Perch Wealth the most professional, knowledge-based group out there. We are at the point in our lives where we are transitioning out of multi-family properties so that we can enjoy our retirement years and the Perch Wealth team has guided us every step of the way in making certain our investments into DSTs will provide the security and income desired for the future."
Rita H, CA
Perch Wealth client

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Perch Wealth provides you with access to institutional-quality real estate, management, financing and state of the art 1031 exchange processing.



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Real Estate / 1031 Risk Disclosure:
  • There’s no guarantee any strategy will be successful or achieve investment objectives;
  • All real estate investments have the potential to lose value during the life of the investments;
  • The income stream and depreciation schedule for any investment property may affect the property owner’s income bracket and/or tax status. An unfavorable tax ruling may cancel deferral of capital gains and result in immediate tax liabilities;
  • All financed real estate investments have potential for foreclosure;
  • These 1031 exchanges are offered through private placement offerings and are illiquid securities. There is no secondary market for these investments;
  • If a property unexpectedly loses tenants or sustains substantial damage, there is potential for suspension of cash flow distributions;
  • Costs associated with the transaction may impact investors’ returns and may outweigh the tax benefits;
  • Tax benefits are not guaranteed and are subject to changes in the tax code.