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Diversification with Cash Investments

Accredited real estate investors are in a unique position to incorporate diversification in their investment strategy. We offer a range of options to fit your circumstances, lifestyle needs and financial objectives.

Put Your Cash to Work


Non 1031 Investments

We have a range of non exchange oriented investment products and opportunities.



We actively create real estate and crypto conversion solutions for international investors.


Opportunity Zones

Perch can make any Opportunity Zone available to you. Ask for a copy of our vetted, OZ list.


Crypto Conversions

Perch is finalizing a crypto to US dollar and subsequent investment real estate solution here.


What Are People Saying?

"Thanks so much for making my Delaware Statutory Trust purchase a pleasant experience. I was quickly running out of days left in my ID period when I wa referred to you. You made it all painless! Thanks again."

Michelle S. Perch Wealth client

"Thank you for such a seamless 1031 exchange experience. I thought my sale represented some complicated 1031 issues, but your team handled everything flawlessly and transitioned me into the ideal replacement property."

Mark T. Perch Wealth client

"While I had done a few exchanges in the past, I must say that I was impressed with the entire Perch Wealth approach! It included great advice, fast documents, and I loved tracking it all with the secure client portal."

Ken U. Perch Wealth client

"Thanks for taking the time to walk me through the diversification of my portfolio. I feel so much better knowing that my investments are now properly structured and designed to create long term cash flow for my family. Thanks again!"

Peter J. Perch Wealth client