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Fyntex is perfecting the method in which exchanges are planned, processed and tracked.

In 2018 they set out to define what a modern end to end 1031 exchange processing solution should really look like for every Exchanger. After architecting the solution, they went out and found the best technologies and tool sets available in Silicon Valley. They then integrated those technologies into an end to end solution that provides our Perch Wealth clients and the 1031 exchange industry with a completely modern, efficient, and secure 1031 exchange process.

Today Fyntex leads the industry with the first secure, world class transactional experience for Exchangers as well as for their strategic partners like Perch Wealth.

1031 Processing


Expertise and Experience

The Fyntex team has successfully processed more than 50,000 exchanges.


Fast Document Turnaround

Need documents fast? Our team can generate your exchange documentation in an hour.


Unprecedented Funds Security

As a national Intermediary Fyntex only uses restricted and Qualified Escrow Accounts.


24/7 Transactional Visibility

Every Exchanger can access their exchange documents and funds 24/7 in our secure portal.

State of the Art processing
Unsurpassed visibility
Funds security

Changing the entire tax deferred exchanging experience for Exchangers

As a firm who routinely provides the backroom processing of 1031 exchanges for escrow and settlement firms across the country, Fyntex knew a direct, customer facing 1031 solution for individual Exchangers was a necessity.

Being located in Silicon Valley allowed Fyntex the opportunity to bring together the type of technology, expertise and functionality which would change the entire Exchanger experience. The result is a state of the art approach which incorporates entirely new levels of client visibility, convenience, 1031 funds and personal data security. Fyntex also staffed and trained their expert team to provide an exchange processing experience which had never been available previously within the 1031 exchange industry.

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As the preferred Qualified Intermediary partner of Perch Wealth, our goal is not to make you a 1031 exchange expert. Rather, we want to become the 1031 expert on your team; supporting your efforts and assisting with your 1031 planning and questions as you strat your exchange.

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