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1031 Exchange Resources

01 Planning

Let Perch Wealth assist you as you pre-plan your 1031 tax deferred exchange.

02 Processing

Perch has integrated the latest, state of the art facilitation into our 1031 process.

03 Reporting

Once you're 1031 is complete, remember to report the exchange with your tax return.

Ensuring your exchange is compliant and tax deferred

Understanding a Few Key 1031 Rules from the IRS

The Internal revenue Services allows an investment property owner to exchange one like kind property for another on a tax deferred basis. However, in order to qualify your exchange you must follow a few simple rules to ensure your exchange is both tax deferred and compliant pursuant to Internal Revenue Code 1031.

The video at right explains those rules.

  • Use a QI
  • Identify in 45 days
  • Close in 180 days
Ensuring a painless and compliant result

Steps to a Successful Exchange


Plan Your 1031 First

Speak with an expert first to ensure your trasnaction is compliant and will meet your tax deferral goals.


Setup 1031, Close Phase 1

Select a Qualified Intermediary and have exchange documents and 1031 trust account prepared prior to closing.


Identify New Properties

Remember that you must identify candidate replacement properties within 45 days of your relinquished property closing.


Close Phase 2 and Report

Close on all replacement proeprty within 180 days and then report the exchange on your tax return on IRS Form 8824.

Reference Materials for Exchanger and Advisors

Educational Tutorials

Comparsion Tools for 1031 Research

Analytical Tools

We've curated a unique set of analytical and replacment property comparison tools to assist you as you plan your overall exchange and anticipate the individual transfers.

Multimedia Tutorials for Investors

Educational Videos

Schedule a Call or Zoom Videoconfernce

Speak to a 1031 Expert

As the preferred Qualified Intermediary partner of Perch Wealth, our goal is not to make you a 1031 exchange expert. Rather, we want to become the 1031 expert on your team; supporting your efforts and assisting with your 1031 planning and questions as you strat your exchange.

  • Expertise
  • Funds Security
  • Client Visibility
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