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1031 Exchange Resources

Ensuring your exchange is compliant and tax deferred

Guiding Investors through 1031 Exchanges

Perch Wealth has the experience and expertise to successfully guide you through your 1031 exchange. Our comprehensive database of available investments can ensure you meet the timeframe outlined by the IRS, while our diligent process helps you build an investment portfolio that matches your strategy.

We don’t just sell. We educate.

Our experienced and seasoned staff have developed an extensive library of resources to provide you with the education and tools to instill confidence in your exchange. Our mission is to provide you with the quality of service and informed guidance you deserve.

1031 Replacement Properties

What is a 1031 Exchange?

A 1031-exchange is a tax-deferred exchange. It represents a simple, strategic method for selling one property and exchanging it for one or more like-kind properties within a specific time frame.

Why Consider a 1031 Exchange?

The Internal Revenue Service allows an investment property owner to exchange their real estate on a tax-deferred basis. In other words, investors defer paying capital gains through a 1031-exchange, which often equals 20% to 30% of their gains.

1031 Exchange Rules

To qualify for your exchange, you must follow a few simple rules to ensure your exchange is both tax-deferred and compliant under Internal Revenue Code 1031. Check out this video to learn more.

  • Use a QI
  • Identify in 45 days
  • Close in 180 days
Ensuring a painless and compliant result

Steps to a Successful Exchange


Plan Your 1031 First

Speak with an expert first to ensure your transaction is compliant and will meet your tax deferral goals.


Setup 1031, Close Phase 1

Select a Qualified Intermediary and have exchange documents and a 1031 trust account prepared prior to closing.


Identify New Properties

Identify candidate replacement properties within 45 days of your relinquished property closing.


Close Phase 2 and Report

Close on all replacement property within 180 days, and then report the exchange on your tax return on IRS Form 8824.

Perch is dedicated to helping investors accomplish their financial goals while refreshing their lifestyles. Through unique real estate investment opportunities, our solutions are focused on targeting stable cash flow, favorable tax treatment, and steady appreciation.

Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs)

A Delaware Statutory Trust, or DST, is a legally recognized real estate investment trust in which investors can purchase ownership interest. Investors who own fractional ownership are known as beneficiaries of the trust – they are considered passive investors.

Tenants-In-Common (TICs)

With a TIC, each co-owner holds a proportionate share of the title to the property based on their total equity investment. TICs are unique in that decisions, even the most mundane, like with whom to refinance, require the consent of all participating members.

Off-Market/Direct Ownership

Investors looking for direct ownership and management responsibility in their real estate investment can consider an off-market, direct ownership opportunity. Various strategies can be developed across sectors, including retail, multifamily, self-storage, office, and more, to help investors strive to meet their investment goals.

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Reference Materials for Exchangers and Advisors

Educational Tutorials

Comparison Tools for 1031 Research

Analytics Tools

We’ve curated a unique set of analytical and replacement property comparison tools to assist you in planning your overall exchange.


Education Videos

Foreign Direct Investments

Perch Wealth offers international investors access to the world’s most lucrative consumer market. No matter where you live, our team of experienced professionals can help you diversify your portfolio with US investments.

Solutions for International Investors

The Perch Path

Through our 4-step approach, we aim to identify an investment strategy that aligns with your goals and objectives.



Our first step is getting to know you, your goals and objectives. We then determine if Perch Wealth is a good fit for you.



Once we understand your needs, we search the market for real estate opportunities and share our optimal solutions.



Armed with appropriate strategies and solutions, we deliver a custom portfolio that targets your needs.


Follow up

We remain by your side, monitoring and tracking the progress of your portfolio to help you strive to reach your goals.

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Speak to a 1031 Expert

Our goal at Perch Wealth is not to make you a 1031 exchange expert. Instead, we want to become the 1031 experts on your team. We will support your efforts, assist with planning, and answer your questions throughout the process. Contact our team to further discuss your investment strategy.

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