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Crypto Conversions

Crypto Currency Conversion Alternatives

Converting your crypto currency into investment grade properties in the United States is extremely difficult today. However, Perch is developing a process whch would allow for such a conversion in the very near future. Perch Wealth will be making an announcement on this topic very soon.

  • 01.Digital
  • 02.Secure
  • 03.Stable
  • 04.Convertible
How We Do It

Converting Crypto into US Real Estate


Start with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is too volatile to transition directly and not lose value.


Stablecoin Transition

Convert into Stablecoin which is pegged to etablish a value.


Stablecoin to US dollars

Further convert Stablecoin into US dollars for future investment.


US dollars into property

Let Perch Wealth show you investment grade US property.

Diversification into US Real Estate

We're working on the ultimate crypto to Real Estate Solution