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Online 1031 Identification

Every 1031 transaction requires investors to follow strict rules to ensure their exchange is tax-deferred and compliant with Internal Revenue Code 1031. Check out our brief video to learn the rules of a 1031 exchange.

Use a Qualified Intermediary (QI)
Identify a property in 45 days
Close in 180 days

1031 Identifcation Rules


ID within 45 days

You only have 45 days from your closing to identify replacement properties.


Pick your ID rule

See the ID rules here or ask your Perch Wealth reprsentative for assistance.


Submit name, email

Send us your name and email and we'll send you a private link with a secure passcode.


ID with the Wizard

Identify using the Wizard and select to whom you want to email your Identification in PDF form.

Making your 1031 identification painless

Using our Perch ID Wizard

With Fyntex, one of our preferred Qualified Intermediaries, we built an online wizard to help investors navigate through their 1031 exchange process.

The Perch Wizard

01 IRS Compliant

Once you submit your name and email, we'll take you to a secure page for compliant input.

02 Fully Secure

You'll receive a secure passcode which will serve as your digital signature for ID purposes.

03 Easy to Use

Access the ID Wizard from anywhere at any time from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Here’s the process.

  • STEP 1 - Enter your name and email in the form below

  • STEP 2 - In return, you’ll receive a page link and login credentials

  • STEP 3 - Login and complete the online identification form

  • STEP 4 - To identify with Fyntex, enter [email protected] email address

  • STEP 5 - Fyntex will receive and archive the verified form

  • Get started today.