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Perch Wealth – Opportunity Zones

Investing in U.S. Communities: An Alternative to Real Estate Investing

Perch Wealth Experience

The Perch Wealth team has successfully assisted hundreds of clients with their investment strategies. We have a diverse team of experts with extensive experience in a variety of sectors, including real estate development, law, syndications, and more. Through our library of resources and expertise, we are strategically positioned to guide you through your investment journey.

What are Qualified Opportunity Zones?

A qualified opportunity zone, or QOZ, is an economically distressed community where new investments may be eligible for preferred tax treatment. More than 8,700 census tracts have received a QOZ designation in the United States, District of Columbia, and U.S. territories.

In order to invest in a QOZ, an investor must use a qualified opportunity fund – or QOF. Perch Wealth offers investors access to QOFs with investments across the United States. Our team can introduce you to opportunity zone investments that match your financial goals.

Opportunity Zones Investment Guide

Why invest in opportunity zones?

Opportunity zones offer investors multiple tax benefits, as long as their investments align with the guidelines of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. QOZs offer a unique opportunity for investors to sell a range of investments, including, but not limited to, stocks, bonds, real estate, closely held business assets, cryptocurrency, jewelry, and art.

When the gains realized from the sale of these assets are reinvested into QOFs, investors can potentially benefit from the following “triple-layer” tax incentives:



Those who rollover their capital gains into a QOF can defer capital gain recognition from the original investment until December 31, 2026.



The amount of capital gain recognized from the original investment is reduced by 10 percent after achieving a five-year holding period, as long as that five-year holding period is achieved by December 31, 2026.



Long-term investors are eligible to pay no tax on the appreciation of their QOF investment upon disposition of that investment, regardless of the size of the profit, if the assets held in that QOF are held for at least 10 years.

1031 Exchange Resources

OZ investments enable investors to benefit from a 1031 exchange according to Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code.

A 1031 exchange is a trade-off in real estate ownership that allows investors to defer capital gains taxes. Section 1031 requires investors to follow a strict timeline when leveraging this opportunity.

Unfortunately, successfully locating and identifying suitable replacement property (or properties) within the 45-day identification window is one of the most challenging issues with a 1031 like-kind exchange.

With our professional guidance, library of resources, and access to properties available nationwide, Perch Wealth might be the solution for your successful 1031 exchange.

Foreign Direct Investments

We work with investors from around the globe. The United States provides investors access to a stable market – it offers low taxes, outstanding infrastructure, and a predictable legal system. Plus, the United States has access to the world’s most lucrative consumer market.

Any qualified buyer can benefit from the U.S. economy. Connect with Perch Wealth to see how we can help you.

Foreign Direct Investments

Opportunity Zone Disclosures
  1. Opportunity Zones (“OZ”) are speculative.OZs are newly formed entities with no operating history. There’s no assurance of investment return, property appreciation, or profits. The ability to resell the fund’s underlying assets is not guaranteed. Investing in OZ funds may involve higher risk than investing in other established real estate offerings.

  2. Long-term.OZ funds are illiquid and return of capital and realization of gains, if any, from an investment will generally occur only upon partial or complete disposition or refinancing of such investments.

  3. Limited secondary market.Although secondary markets may provide a liquidity option in limited circumstances, the amount you will receive is typically reduced.

  4. Difficult valuation assessment.The portfolio holdings in OZ funds may be difficult to value. As such, market prices for most of a fund’s holdings will not be readily available.

  5. Default consequences.Meeting capital calls to provide pledged capital is a contractual obligation of each investor. Failure to meet this requirement in a timely manner could have adverse consequences including forfeiture of your interest in the fund.

  6. Leverage.OZ funds may use leverage in connection with investments or participate in investments with highly leveraged structures. Leverage involves a high degree of risk and increases the exposure of the investments to factors such as rising interest rates, downturns in the economy, or deterioration in the condition of the assets underlying the investments.

  7. Unregistered.The regulatory protections of the Investment Company Act of 1940 are not available with unregistered securities.

  8. Regulation.It is possible, due to tax, regulatory, or investment decisions, that a fund, or its investors, are unable to realize any tax benefits. Evaluate the merits of the underlying investment and do not solely invest in an OZ fund for any potential tax advantage.

The Perch Path

Following a methodical, 4-step process, our objective is to identify an investment strategy that aligns with your goals and objectives.



Our first step is to get to know you, your goals, and your objectives. We then determine whether Perch Wealth is a good fit for you.



Once we understand your needs, we search the market for real estate opportunities and share our optimal solutions.



Armed with appropriate strategies and solutions, we deliver a custom portfolio that strives to meets your needs.


Follow Up

We remain by your side, monitoring and tracking the progress of your portfolio, helping you attempt to reach your goals.


At Perch Wealth, our mission is to provide the highest quality service and the most informed guidance that investors deserve. As experts in private real estate and tax-deferral strategies, we’re committed to identifying the very best investment opportunities for our clients.


What Are People Saying?


"A few months ago, I was a complete novice to the world of accredited investing. While searching the internet and getting bombarded with marketing materials from pushy advising firms, I thankfully came across Perch Wealth and met Doug Zator. As easy-going as he is knowledgeable of the industry, Doug taught me all about Delaware Statutory Trusts and the 1031 exchange, the different sponsors and their defining characteristics, the various asset classes and which make the most sense for the current economy and my circumstances, and even how to navigate a Private Placement Memorandum. He was happy to meet as many times as I needed to learn the process and make decisions I was comfortable with, and he and the Perch Wealth team made the actual exchange incredibly simple for me. I am now a confident investor in multiple DSTs that are generating trouble-free income. The road getting here was enriching, easy and fun - thanks to Doug and the Perch Wealth team. I look forward to working with them again!"

Rose J, ILPerch Wealth client

"A+ excellent service! Ben Carmona and his team are professional, personable, a pleasure to do business with. Ben's particular strength is in analyzing, evaluating, making recommendations for or against the investment opportunities. His explanations are clear, well researched and thought out, well communicated. The process is collaborative. You can't go wrong with Ben and his team at Perch."

Marcia S, NJPerch Wealth client

"My Wife and I Recently made two investments with Perch Wealth. We were very impressed with Ian McElreath; he was able to find what we were looking for and facilitate the transactions. Ian was very prompt in responding to emails and returning phone calls. I would highly recommend the Perch Wealth team for your investments."

Dennis F, AZPerch Wealth client

"Every person I spoke to was knowledgeable, a good communicator, not pushy, and had a can do attitude in dealing with issues that came up."

Marylee K, WAPerch Wealth client

"Unbelievable service from start to finish. Knowledgeable, organized and efficient. Will definitely use them again for our next investment product!"

Brad S, UTPerch Wealth client

"Perch has been excellent in making proposals for DST investments and in listening and adjusting to my feedback on them. Their patience has been great as I have modified my own criteria as I have read their documents and proposals. The Perch team has been superb in making the paperwork easy."

Lou W, MAPerch Wealth client

"Both Adam Shipley and Benjamin Carmona provided a great service to me. They were extremely responsive and knowledgeable. In addition, they were able to get me a position in a highly sought after DST that quickly became fully subscribed."

Richard B, CAPerch Wealth client

"Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out investing in DSTs, you will find the team at Perch Wealth the most professional, knowledge-based group out there. We are at the point in our lives where we are transitioning out of multi-family properties so that we can enjoy our retirement years and the Perch Wealth team has guided us every step of the way in making certain our investments into DSTs will provide the security and income desired for the future."

Rita H, CAPerch Wealth client